The No-Soap Challenge—Join Us! (There’s a Prize.)

Inspired by Sean Bonner, our friends at GOOD who are braving the stink, as well as our own growing disdain for soap, we have a challenge for you, dear readers. And this one could have serious payoff! Here goes:

—For the next two weeks, or for at least 5 days between now and January 26th, we want you to give up soap entirely. You can still shower, rinse, rinse, do your thing. But hands off the bar of soap and body wash.

—Then, instead of sending us a picture as we’ve done in the past, send us your story. 100 words or less, please. We want the gory details: pit tests, boy/girlfriend reactions, coworker complaints, praise etc…

—Our favorite testimonials will be published here, and one of you will win a $100 gift certificate from the amazing natural beauty store NuboNau. They carry some of our favorite products, including natural and sweet-smelling body washes, should the experiment leave you jonesing for one. Or you can just buy some great makeup if you decide to swear off soap.

The rules: No soap, no body wash, nada. This one isn’t about hair though, so you can totally shampoo—just don’t be cheating with those suds. (And yes, for the sake of basic human decency, we encourage you to continue to wash your hands and private parts, obviously.)

Instructions: Send your no-soap experience  to nomoredirtylooks (at) gmail (dot) com, with NO SOAP in the subject line, and keep it to 100 words or less. Please include your first name and city of origin. We need all stories by end of day, Wednesday, January 26th. We will post the best testimonials on our site, as well as on our Facebook page. The person with the most compelling one, be it good or bad, will get a $100 gift certificate to shop at the killer natural beauty store NuboNau.

Pretty please: Help us spread the word! Tweet it, Facebook it, scream from the rooftops, and tell your friends to get on board with you. Besides, it’s better not to stink alone.

The reason for the challenge: Just to test conventional wisdom. More and more people are choosing to go without soap and other conventional cleaning methods. We still use a little, but less than we once did and our skin is happier for it. Give it a whirl.

So are you game? Will you be joining the no-soap challenge?

53 Responses to “The No-Soap Challenge—Join Us! (There’s a Prize.)”
  1. Dallas says:

    Laurie, keep using soap to wash your hands. There is not much evidence yet that soap doesn’t work.

  2. lelia says:

    so in… a few months back i started just washing my face with water only and the results have been great. i suffered from mild acne breakouts for as long as i can remember but within a month my face had cleared. if it worked so well for one part of my skin it should work for the rest. i started the no soap thing beginning december and seeing this post makes me feel like i’m not that weird. honestly just to encourage the rest of you, no soap is better than soap. your skin is going to love you for this, but for me it took a few days for my skin to start balancing itself out naturally. ps i use homemade natural moisturiser too (shea butter, coconut oil, aloe butter and hot six oil mix).

  3. Renee says:

    Posting well after the challenge. I have not used soap in 6 months, and I live in Tucson where it is HOT. If anything, I have less shtank without soap than I did with.

    A few months ago, I decided to give my pits a washing with soap and oh my god… by the end of the day they were rank! So, back to the no soap and all was well :) The no soap goes for the naughty bits as well. Even confirmed with a doctor that soap dries things out, causing an overload of bacteria production and smell, thus “necessitating” the use of soap again and again. Ditching the soap allows the skin to have a balance of good and bad bacteria, and smells become normal rather than offensive.

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