Guest Post: My Face at Beauty School

Here’s part two from Virginia, who is taking us inside her beauty school experience. Yesterday she talked hair and today we’re going to find out what happened when beauty experiments were launched on her face. You can read more of Virginia on her awesome blog Beauty Schooled.

Before Beauty U, I washed my face during my morning shower, slathered on some SPF moisturizer, and left it at that. And my skin was pretty awesome. I got the occasional breakout around my period and kept a tube of benzoyl peroxide on hand to dab on the odd trouble spot (not clean, I know!) but otherwise, I’ve been extremely lucky to have the kind of skin where strangers would stop me in stores and ask me what I used on my face. And be annoyed when I would say “ummm, whatever is in my shower?”

Then, on my very first night at Beauty U, Miss Jenny demonstrated the Daytime Face makeup application using me as the model. She stippled on a thick liquid foundation from the school’s motley cosmetics collection. “I don’t even know what this stuff is,” she said. “I prefer mineral makeup, but we’ll work with what they give us.” My skin looked like it had been spray-painted. I went home and scrubbed it all off the best I could with my random drugstore brand facewash—and woke up the next morning with a pile of monster zits on my forehead. Which proceeded to go forth and multiply all over my face for the next 10 months, because four nights a week, I would have to pile on yet more skanky makeup, cleansers, toners, glycolic peels, mineral masks, you name it.

My skin’s panic attack became the focus of many a class—Miss Jenny forbade me from using what we all agreed was a super questionable liquid foundation, used me to demonstrate the school’s fanciest acne-fighting facial (think masks that smelled like synthetic dog poo and led to yet more breakouts), and even tried zapping my zits weekly with glass electrodes from the high-frequency machine. This is a gadget (like this one) that uses a sinusoidal electric current of 60,000 to 200,000 Hertz frequency to vibrate the water molecules in your skin, producing heat that manufacturers claim will stimulate circulation, oxygenate the skin, and kill acne-causing bacteria. In reality, it does nothing whatsoever except buzz loudly and sting like hell when someone turns the current up too high. I was also everyone’s favorite guinea pig for extraction practice since I had so much to squeeze out. This resulted in my developing an abnormally high pain threshold for pinching obstacles courses.

And I wasn’t the only one struggling with skin troubles. While the teachers liked to attribute my breakouts to my infrequent hair washing, frequent phone use, and not changing my pillow cases often enough, it was a widely accepted fact among the students that the process of learning professional skincare would result in a period of weeks or even months of hardcore skin rebellion. “We’ve all been there,” the senior students would say as they painted the synthetic dog poo mask on my face. “You’ll get better once you can practice on real clients instead of each other.”

Stay tuned for part three tomorrow!

6 Responses to “Guest Post: My Face at Beauty School”
  1. ComaGirl says:

    I care for my skin the same way my mother did and her mother did. I have no problems.

    One problem, as I see it, is the “hop-on-the-bandwagon” and follow any trend mindset. The only way to empower yourself is to become truly informed, to inform yourself and not listen to every self-proclaimed skin and body care guru out there. It is common sense people.

  2. connie curtis says:

    Some people just dont think you can do it without buying a expensive product in the store. I love my best friend but she refuses to educate herself on what is in products and she knows many things are used in cleaning products but seems to think it is ok since the govt hasnt done anything about it…. I feel so much freedom since I make my stuff.. I am going to do the same with my shampoo. I bought SLS free shampoo but my scalp gets dandruff when using this.. I use vingear and my scalp feels great. I read more about and think more freedom. I dont need these companies to feel good. My face is the clearest its been in years.. getting off store bought stuff and going gluten free are things that make a difference and eating and sleeping.. I am very passionate about this stuff now.. :)

  3. Therese says:

    I see beauty school hasn’t changed much. Out dated products. Sounds like someone needs to start a “clean”beauty school fast. How great to educate and teach style. I hope your skin survives.

  4. Syd says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I took a stage makeup course my senior year of college (just for fun) and lots of the make up had an adverse effect on my skin. I think stage makeup in particular is very heavy and clogging. I love the Beauty School Blog btw, keep up the good work!

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