Five Reasons Why Daily Showers May Be Bad for You

How often do you shower? When we asked you all the question the other day we were surprised to find your answers were all over the map. We were inspired, of course, by that recent New York Times story about attractive people who don’t like to bathe (or, in some instances, wear deodorant). And as you all know, any time we can encourage people do buy and use fewer personal care products, we do.

So as the seasons change, and people start reaching for their magnums of synthetic-filled moisturizer, we have another idea: Just shower less. There are surprising benefits, from healthier, clearer skin, to higher sex appeal. Click through our GOOD post an explanation.

14 Responses to “Five Reasons Why Daily Showers May Be Bad for You”
  1. Amy says:

    I’ve clicked in circles like, eight times, and I can’t find the list of Five Reasons Daily Showers May Be Bad For You. Too many articles leading to other articles and I can’t figure out where the actual content is supposed to be. Guess I’ll stick with daily showers for now…

  2. Siobhan says:

    I should add something to this: I actually shower almost every day! But I don’t use soap, and I rarely take super hot ones….

  3. Katrina says:

    Yes and yes. I’m definitely not a daily shower-er and the man i share my bed with who IS a daily shower-er has no complaints. I don’t either, except one! Conditioner! My hair cannot live without it; i tried going to the baking-soda-vinegar route, but I now have a hard to comb, easily knotting mess… and my hair is just shy of my bum.
    Help! I need an EASY natural conditioner. Can you recommend something?

  4. Andreína (andre) says:

    I shower once a day, even if I had a very active day.
    I don’t lather soap all over me though. I use the baby mild Dr. Bronner’s all-purpose soap (with less than 6 ingredients), and I use the same for my face. The soap though, only on my arm pits, and my lady part… and that’s it.
    I wash my face with sweet almond oil every now and then, and wash my hair only twice a week (thanks to your book, both products I use in my hair when I wash and condition are very clean :) alaffia’s my best friend nowadays).

    I’ve been in this routine for about two months, and its been around 5 since I last used a body lotion…
    I feel great!

  5. mimi says:

    Katrina, check out this conditioner, it’s super lightweight and as it claims, you can use it for a hundred and one other things. the shampoo is the bomb, too!

  6. JDubbs says:

    i shower once a day and i feel really oily and slimy if i don’t shower every 24 hours – is that weird?

  7. ComaGirl says:

    Here is Slate’s response to the NYT’s story: “A Stinkiy Bogus Trend”.

    The title, I’m afraid, says it all.

  8. reese says:

    I shower when I feel I need it: 3-5 times a week… and i wash only what needs it! I definitely always coconut oil aferwards, now… yeah baby its fantasmic!! thank you so much ladies for the tip on the coconut oil. It. Is. Awe-MAZING!
    Just got some of the Dr. Bronners Baby-mild soap to replace my nasty salicylic acid fragrance filled drug store fash wash cRaP- and mostly replace the clean body wash I have for “special occassions”! Also, I use baking soda all over when I need a little extra exfoliation/de-grease :)
    Using Wally’s Ear Oil on my acne (and sinus-y-infect-y-ears) … will let ya’ll know how that goes! Amazing blend of eucalyptus, tea tree, garlic oil, etc etc to kill bacteria and mosturize…
    Down w/ stripping the body of its own defense, up w/ lazy no shower days! :) :)

  9. simone says:

    I’m wondering…is there another natural soap besides Dr Bonners that people like? I don’t like any of the Dr. Bonners.

  10. Caralien says:

    For soap, we bought giant blocks from a local goat farm in december 2007: , and still have most of it left. It’s mild enough for our newborn too.

    I moved back to the east coast from SF, where there were plenty of people who claimed that their personal hygiene, or lack thereof, made them more attractive. It didn’t–they just smelled like old BO, plus pot and patchouli, much like some of my college roommates. I guess that confidence does make one more attractive, but bad odours negates that.

  11. Siobhan says:

    Katrina: I live and die by conditioner too. I have long hair, and I think it’s just unavoidable—the more inches you got, the more opportunity there is for dryness and tangles. I would say, though, be sure to use only a little shampoo just on your roots. Baking soda is a nice root lifter or clarifier but when I tried to switch to it as my shampoo, my hair got SO DRY. Oh, also, I find it helps to brush or comb before you shower, and resist the urge to pile your hair in a big mess on your head as you shower. Just rub shampoo into your roots, rinse it (it’ll rinse down the shaft), and then condition. Instead of wrapping my head in a towel turban I also try to just towel it off loose.

    Simone: I also do not like Bronners for myself. I have a John Masters bar soap that I love. It’s pricey, and being totally transparent, I got it for free, but I would buy it. I also like whole foods’ triple milled organic soap–the aloe one. It’s soothing and not overly drying.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I am doing my thesis research on the meaning of clean. I decided to conduct a thirty day experiment to help me further understand what being clean really is. For the past thirty days I have not bathed, worn deodorant, shaved, clipped my nails, tweezed, applied makeup, washed my face, or changed my clothes. I washed my hands after using the restroom and I continued to brush my teeth. Today was the last day of my experiment and I am pleased to say that I am now clean.

    I realized that I was using twenty-two products almost every day to maintain my cleanliness. Today I used three. I thought that I would go into this as a social experiment, but what I discovered was so much more. To clean yourself is to participate in a basic human instinct. We have been cleaning ourselves for survival since before humans were humans. Our bodies clean themselves constantly, from digestion to white blood cells fighting harmful bacteria that enters our body. The conscious effort to clean ourselves is natural. However, how we clean ourselves in America today is (in my opinion) unnatural. Today I discovered how little it takes to achieve real cleanliness.

    My goal is to design against the American version of cleanliness. My hope is that we can appreciate our bodies for their “animal-ness” and not wash away who we really are. Although I have never felt more like an outcast in my life when I was unclean, I never felt more like myself.

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