Face Mapping: What’s Your Acne Telling You?

Siobhan and I just love to self-diagnose. Is it responsible or recommended? Absolutely not. But long before we wrote the book, and got more serious about such things, we’d developed a pretty bad habit of trying to figure out the ins and outs of our beauty and health dilemmas.

Take this website for example: Every time either of us would have a breakout, we’d fire up this Mary’s Herbs site to see what on earth was causing it (our liver? our ovaries?). Chinese medicine says that the face can be used as a diagnostic tool for internal problems. But is it true? Let’s do a little unscientific survey to find out, shall we?

Here’s what we want to know. 1. Where do you break out? 2. Can you associate your breakouts with anything: food, menstrual cycles, partying, etc.?

In our experience cystic acne in the chin area tends to be a product of our menstrual cycles and imbalances in sex and/or thyroid hormones, whereas cheek acne seems more lifestyle related, and breakouts around the mouth appear to be more about digestion. Consider these very loose diagnoses of course. It’s what we have found to be true.

[A note from Siobhan: Example! I’ve always had clear skin on most of my face, with moderate to bad chin breakouts. Once I got my hormones in check with the help of my endocrinologist, omegas and yoga, my skin cleared up a TON. I still break out sometimes, especially during certain parts of my cycle or if I’ve been misbehaving, but it’s wayyyyy better than it was for almost 10 years—and I don’t use any spot treatments other than green tea clay.]

So what about you? Looking forward to your answers.

Very pretty face-mapping drawing via Organic Apoteke

52 Responses to “Face Mapping: What’s Your Acne Telling You?”
  1. Nicole says:

    Stop eating ALL dairy, grains and sugar and see your face clear up. Basically the Paleo diet, but with beans added if you like. It may be hard to do for some people, but if clear skin is what you want, then try this. It’s been said that our bodies are in a constant state of inflammation, so after about three days eating this way, you will feel way less swollen and puffy (watch will be loose) and your system will be able to focus on clearing the toxins from your body instead of just fighting all of the unhealthy substances that keep is in a constant state of sickness. Uneven skin tone will clear up as well so your face will look smoother and clear, even without makeup. Exercise also helps with that. By the way, Guerlain Parure is the best make-up ever. I hope I can help anyone who has always searched for the perfect make-up, like I always did. Good luck everyone and I hope to hear about any Paleo experiences. It is the only thing that has helped me.

  2. Charla M says:

    I was having these horrible little breakouts with tinny pimples and a lot of clogged pores that where not inflamed. NOTHING would get rid of these little clogged pores. They made my skin bumpy and it looked clear inside but TERRIBLE in sunlight because of the texture. I tried the Grapefruit Glycolic Wash from the Made From Earth brand, and within a week they are 95% gone. My skin is smooth and the color is evening out. I use it once each night before bed. The price seems high, but the bottle is huge and lasts quite a while. I will definitly be buying this again!!

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