California’s Lawsuit Against the Brazilian Blowout: Breaking News

Concern about the Brazilian blowout has reached the Attorney General’s office in the state of California, which just today registered a formal complaint in the courts about it.

See the whole complaint here...

25 Responses to “California’s Lawsuit Against the Brazilian Blowout: Breaking News”
  1. reese says:

    HIGH FIVE!!!!

  2. Siobhan says:

    We’re very excited about this. Big things!

  3. ComaGirl says:

    Very interesting. I’m glad to see the state of California act upon this. I’m sure the attention you both drew to this issue was a large part of the equation. Great job!

  4. Therese says:

    Yay AG/Gov. Brown. Now let’s use this to tackle the Cosmetic Industry.

  5. Erika says:

    I’m so proud of you both!!! You’re a big part of this!

  6. Alexandra says:

    Aw, thanks Er! Fighting the good fight. :)

  7. John says:

    Its really unfortunate when a company that sells a perfectly safe product can be gossiped into the throws of the new age witch hunt.

    It is a shame that people that are fighting for a seeemingly “good cause” are so misinformed they can waste positive energy without first doing empiracal research about the product.

    Please answer me this, how do you know Brazilian Blowout has done all these things outlined in this injunction?
    It appears that the state of california has done no formal testing and they are basing there claims on the media bashing of something which many people like and enjoy.

    I do not disagree with the cause of keeping corporate, money making, immoral executives liable for their misdoing but please do all your research before you hunt down the wrong persons.

    Justice will be served in this case, but unfortunalety it appears that both sides will be left empty handed. The state of california will be out valuable resources and money. While they attack one of the many small businesses that make this state great, and brazilian blowout will probably face huge bills to fight this claim brought upon them by the giant big brother government that is supposed to be helping them.


    I am upset and angered that our state goverenment wastes their time without first doing its research!

  8. John says:

    And Theresa why would you want to tackle an enitre industry?

    Shouldn’t we be combating the individuals within the industry who have actualy commited a crime?

    Lets not get so caught up in the moment that we loose touch in what we are fighting for.

    NO more innocent casualties!

  9. Siobhan says:

    We’re glad to see a little healthy debate here. Not everyone agrees on these very sensitive topics, and there’s plenty of room for discussion.

  10. Juli says:

    You people are idiots. Yet another waste of valuable resources and money the State of California can’t afford to waste.

  11. suzanne says:

    im so glad this has been taken care of ,but there are more keratin treatment out there that are putting formaldehyde in there products and claiming its safe,and you can not compare the gas fume that burns your eyes to anything that’s ever been in the salon,i could handle stink but, that burns my eyes and make my throat hurt and dont do themand would not do them because i found out theresformaldehyde in it .which with heat turns into a vapor and really sensitive people can really be affected.i really makes me sad that money seems to b the motive for the stylist and clients dont care,they want straight hair.what happened to offering deep conditioner and nutrition for healthy shinny hair.and flat iron when u want straight.

  12. candace says:

    I’m glad that CA continues to lead the way in environmental and personal consumer welfare.

  13. Becca says:

    Suzanne, when is the last time you tried combing out a dominican womans hair…? My client has never in her life been able to wear her hair down because it turns in to a big poof. Even with a flat iron, the second moisture hits her hair its a frizzy mess… I used the Brazilian Blowout on her hair and for the first time in her life she is able to run her fingers through her hair… I have been looking all over the internet for research done on this product and there isnt much other than what the media is putting out there… Until the Brazilian Blowout product is formerly taken off the shelves, I will most definately be continuing to use this product, not only on my clients who ask for it… but also on myself…

  14. Kris says:

    Therese really?! OMG. Take down the whole industry? You are ridiculous! The last thing we need is granola’s like you to be putting in your two cents. Let me ask you this. What would our world be like with out Shampoo, conditioner, Body Wash, Moisturizers etc.? Without that we would cut out half of all of the fashion magazines contents, eliminate jobs for chemists, marketing agents, factory workers, production lines, salon owners, hairdressers etc. What would that do for our current state of economy and unemployment? I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. If you haven’t noticed yet people who do live there lives without these cosmetic items are so gross and smelly they are offensive to the majority of the rest of us. I agree with John and Becca, there has been no proof that the Brazilian Blowout product is unsafe. At this point it is all hear say. This type of procedure has done wonders to boost many women’s self-confidence. If and when some hard evidence comes out that this product is harmful I will stop using it. Until then I will be conducting my business and offering my services as usual.

  15. Susie says:

    I use to work with these people. TRUST ME, THEY DESERVE THIS. They screwed everyone who ever did business with them and knew from the beginning about the Formaldehyde. This is only the beginning. More will come out. You might want to check into Devin Semler a little closer. Funny how he owns a Telecommunication Company and salons were inundated with calls prior to purchasing the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT, but once the purchase was made, no more calls. Some of the numbers were called back only to find they were disconnected. Even today you can go to their website and click on the “updates” and read for yourself how they twist the truth around to find their agenda. And the part about sharing the monies for the lawsuit they were filing, what a joke. How do you think they got this product? Invented it? Formulated? Created? NO WAY, THEY STOLED IT! Mauricio Ribeiro brought it to them. They (Devin Semler and Britney Huinker) partnered up with him, then stoled it and fired him. Don’t believe me, GOOGLE IT, “MAURICIO RIBEIRO BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT”. If this weren’t bad enough, then they oversold the market and allowed their product to be a “Lost Leader” which bottomed out the price of the treatment. You as a consumer might have thought the treatment was overpriced but, speaking as an independent stylist, you have to understand the cost overhead we have. Not only do we pay for our products and all styling tools, there is rent, insurance and everything else that goes with running your own business. This treatment is a service that consumes the stylist’s time from beginning to end. The only other service in a salon that does that is a haircut.
    It is a shame all of this happened. There use to be integrity in this industry. Maybe once they’re gone some dignity can return to our industry.

  16. H:Molano says:

    I am really glad to see that not only the media but also the goverment is taking mesures on this matter, I saw the comment of this gentleman JOHN on November 11, 2010 at 6:54 pm, saying that is “UNFARE” without a proper investigation from the authorities involved on the law suit, for him i have an extensive research made, not only in the USA but all over the continent, where people have been ill with this product or similar ones, even people have died from the use of it. I personally got a walking neumonia because of this product, and know first hand about plenty of professional hair dressers who got from lung cancer to repiratory failures, at the Dominican Republic saw a TV ancor been on ICU for over two weeks after using this product on her own hair. The most amazing things come when you go to check with BRASILIAN HEALTH DPT. and you will see how the Brasilian goverment Prohibits the manufactue of this products based on the high risk and death of the population in the country where it was originated. Just get the right info before you post any comments. THX

  17. Robin says:

    I have to say as a hair sylist that has been using “A Keratin Brazilian” blow out product,I have experianced my eyes burning and nose and throat burning. However, I also do a great deal of color and experiance the same symptoms. Back to the Keratin Brazilian blow out, I chose this particular one due to the fact the label does NOT list Formaldihyde.. Should I stop using ALL chemicals in my salon and risk going out of business? Humans that we are will continue to expose our selves to chemicals for Beauty… I think the concerns should be on the Chemically made “so called” foods that Woman Dont think twice about feeding thier children! Mc donalds Chicken nuggets are made from a PINK FOAM then Bleached. Lets take a stand on what Chemicals are pumped into children daily….. Woman have been exposing themselves to chemicals for years .( Take a look at Birth control) And then People ask one another WHY all The Cancer???? Its a Sad Mess!

  18. Liz says:

    Robin- for your last comment, thank you! People keep thinking that they can develop new wonder drugs to beat cancer someday. The two main treatments we know of that help treat cancer, in general, are also poisons in high amounts (chemotherapy & radiation). Kind of odd, isn’t it?

    It is easy to say that people didn’t have time to die from cancer or heart disease very much in prior centuries because the average life expectancy was only 46 years old at the turn of the century (1900 A.D.) But how many celebrities (let alone people in our real lives) do we all know who have or had breast cancer, many of them in their 40’s or even younger? While not necessarily an accurate spectrum of the whole population, consider that most of these women have always been slim, are athletic, many are vegetarians or are otherwise healthy eaters, don’t smoke & rarely drink, if at all.

    The more chemicals one is exposed to, naturally, the higher the risk of getting cancer or other diseases. While some people are genetically pre-disposed to having some sort of cancer, we should remember that many more things can mutate the genes. Lest people forget, the nuclear reactor disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine in April 1986 produced nuclear rain as far away as Ireland. While a tragic disaster, it was nowhere near what the effects of a nuclear warhead would bring on. So, with that in mind…how much radiation do you think came from the bombings in Japan in 1945? And just how far did THAT radiation spread? How many generations does the radiation truly affect from there on? How permanent are the genetic mutations? No one really knows for certain. And we haven’t even gotten to the chemicals dumped in our drinking water (even to make it \safe\ to drink, such as chlorine), our food, the cosmetics we use, the hair treatments- perms, haircoloring, hairspray, mousse, etc., & of course, the pollutants in the air.

    And people are shocked over the cancer rates? I’m shocked we don’t all still keel over & leave the world with an average life expectancy of 46 all over again. The average human body has had the shocking ability to adapt to the New Chemical World Order & survive- albeit, with many mutations & whole lot of health problems.

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