Would You Let Your Hair Go Gray?

Whether you’re 14 or 45, we’re just curious what your take is on gray or white hair. Have a great weekend all!

Beautiful photo of Carmen dell’Orefice via

42 Responses to “Would You Let Your Hair Go Gray?”
  1. I think gray/white hair is beyond gorgeous. Women of all ages should embrace who they are, including all the unique differences that make them who they are. No matter your age, if you go gray, wear it fierce!

    I’m 26 now & my ash blonde here is still around, but once I start going gray, I’ll let it change naturally :)

  2. gretchen says:

    I cannot wait to go grey! I particularly hope I get a nice white. I actually tried to bleach my hair white in high school [with the intention of eventually turning it baby blue.] I know, I don’t do that to my hair anymore. But, yeah. I’m excited. I probably have a while still [29 y/o], but my boyfriend is starting to get grey whiskers, and I get a little giddy when I see them.

    Does that make me odd?

  3. Marie says:

    Absolutely! I will never dye my hair.

    When I was 6 I met my great grandmother, who lived in a cabin in the Ozarks. I was struck then and there by her simple hair, gray and white, pulled back in a bun at the nape of her neck. I determined that when I got old, that was what I wanted to do. I’m 40 now, and I haven’t changed my mind. I will earn every gray with grace and wear it as a badge of honor.

    The fact that my mid-brown hair tends towards natural blonde and auburn highlights helps too, like my grandmother I’ll likely go gray quite gracefully, no salt-and-pepper. :)

  4. Miss Ash says:

    Absolutely I’ll be letting my hair go grey.
    I used to dye my hair… was just talking about it today, in fact.
    But now I’m not so interested in putting all those chemicals so close to my brain.

  5. Cate says:


    I discovered my first gray hair when I was 18; it took 4 years to embrace my too-soon grayhood, but I get complimented on it all the time. It adds dimension and shimmer to my dark brown hair and now I find it beautiful and unique.

  6. Shannon says:

    I’m dealing with this right now. I don’t dye my hair anymore yet I still pull all the grey hairs that I can. I hope I can get over this before I go bald!

  7. Lena says:

    No. I started getting a few gray hairs in my early twenties and after turning 30 this year a whole bunch popped up out of nowhere. I just can’t consider letting those shiny white strands show their faces. Maybe if I had straight hair I’d consider it. Maybe. But with my hair being so curly I feel adding white/gray hair to that look would be a nightmare. I wouldn’t look anywhere near as lovely as that woman in the photo.

    At least I’ve stopped using those chemical dyes and have started using henna to color my hair…REAL henna, not the stuff in the ugly green boxes.

  8. Dorinda says:

    I am only 29 but I would totally go gray/white. I have natural light blonde hair so I would like to see how the color changes. I don’t know many people that have blonde hair and don’t highlight so I’m interested to see how blonde hair grays.

  9. I AM! (look on my blog for pics.) Partly inspired by the FABULOUS Carmen, but also by the book “Going Gray” by Anne Kreamer.

    Bobbi Brown reckons grey makes you look old, or so I read, somewhere or other. I reckon DYEING your hair makes you look worse.

  10. Christina says:

    I’m 29 & a huge chunk of my bangs is already white. I’ve decided to let my dye job grow out – thanks to you guys. :) So in a couple months, I’ll be ready to sport the new ‘do, and I am really excited about it!

  11. reese says:

    i for one, with light blonde hair, cannot wait! cannot wait!! to have my hair turn gray, then white. :) and i’m only 22! I think gray hair is beautiful and sexxy

  12. Claudia says:

    Absolutely!! There’s no shame in aging. I think it’s beautiful.

  13. Kristina says:

    I will definitely go gray/white gracefully. As Cathy on “The Big C” recently said, “Growing old is a privilege.” I think this is so true, and not just with going gray. This is true of all those people who have to get botox and facelifts to look younger, when they just end up looking scarier.

  14. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been trying… It’s hard when you’re young and single – when you want guys to find you attractive! Yes, I’m human…

    I swore I was going to stop coloring about a month ago, and then, when about an inch was showing, I freaked out and threw on the Garnier Nutrisse. I’m trying, once again, to grow it in. I think the dye is making my hair thin out. And all the stories about toxicity and mean animal testing practices (if they are true?) are disturbing

    I’m not making any promises, however. I do think, that gray hair is is bit like curly hair (which I also have): Those who don’t have it it, think it’s just so cool. Those of us who deal with the reality every day think differently!

  15. Amy says:

    I have been getting a few gray hairs. It looks like highlights right now. I am worried that when I get more gray I’ll be tempted to dye it, but the chemicals kind of scare me.

  16. Zom says:

    I have. It is. I like it.

  17. Melissa says:

    Hair dye is nasty, but my Grandmother from whom I inherited my hair colour isn’t really grey, more pinkish white (red heads).

  18. Jade says:

    When I was in my twenties I fought it even though I knew it would happen (hereditary in my case). In my thirties I decided to let it go naturally and embrace it, but it was still tough sometimes. Now that I am forty, and over 1/3 white/grey (mixed with medium brown and newly developing natural blond streaks), I love it. I keep my hair long. Some people don’t get it, but others compliment me on it and say that they wish they could do it too.

  19. Shannon says:

    Sigh- at the risk of sounding completely un-emancipated, I am going to say that gray hair great- gray hair is unique! A complete head of gray hair is sexy as hell when you are 50 and rocking it (like the woman in the pic). Shit even a well places Ann Bancrfotesque swath of white is so oohh la la and confident. But when your entire head is gray at 28- it sucks. Truly it does. Why can I say this? Because I found my first gray hair when I was in elementary school. Because in high school and college I rocked the Ann Bancroft look (lots of very annoying attention abounded “oooohhhhh is that real? can I touch it? Hey look at that!- on the streets on NY I assure you this was not fun on a daily basis) One day I decided to dye it when my best friend (bless her for knowing me and being honest) told me that I had so much gray that it had started to wash me out and make me look old. I dyed my hair back to it’s black shade (granted this was when I like 10 but still). And I have to say- I didn’t get stopped on the street- people didn’t want to take pictures of me (yes that happened). But I didn’t care- I did it for me. I loved it. I still dye my hair. I am 37. If I stopped I will be 100% white. One day I will stop dying my hair- maybe in my mid- late 40’s. Because I LOVE my white hair, it IS me. I just really wish it had waited to come hang out and make itself known when it should have. So I will have my white hair reunion in the not too distant future…..but not today. Today I am enjoying being a raven haired beauty ! :)

  20. Leslie says:

    Absolutely… look at Emmylou Harris, she’s totally grey and looks fantastic.

  21. Virginia says:

    I don’t think I’ll mind going gray (I say now, at age 29), but only if I’m still self-employed in a job that lets me work from home. My mom works in Corporate America and has been dying her grays for 10-15 years because if she didn’t, she’d be out of a job by now. Women at her (pretty senior) level aren’t supposed to look like seniors, even though the men can pull it off as “distinguished.” She’s looking forward to letting her hair go gray — in retirement.

    Which makes me pretty cranky with Corporate America.

  22. Brooksie says:

    I dye my hair. Mine appeared in my early twenties soon after my father had died. I don’t know if grief and stress effects these things but I think it might have in my case. I have it mostly in my bangs not all over. I am turning 40 this year but look 10 or so years young. Going grey doesn’t feel like me at this time. I think I will wait until 50 before growing it out.

  23. Julene says:

    I wish I would go gray prematurely but it seems I’m stuck until I’m much closer to 60. *sigh*

  24. Genny G. says:

    I am 24 and I am so excited to find out what color of grey my hair will be. I’m glad others are too!

    Dark grey, light grey, white? Which will it be?!

    I’ve also found (and this is purely coincidence I think) that many of the women I look up to don’t dye their hair, and they are beautiful women!

  25. Alexandra says:

    Wow, such a positive response to gray! Very cool. To be totally honest, I can’t say for certain how I’ll react when my hair really starts turning (for now I’m leaving my gray strays alone though:).

    Side note: I think the word “grey” looks better than “gray,” agreed? But apparently the latter is the correct American spelling (grey is the British way, as in Earl Grey). Just in case anyone was wondering…

  26. Andreína says:

    I find that grey/white hair is extremely gorgeous!
    Maybe because my mom loves it too—but she’s in her 50’s and still, no grays on sight…

    I hope I get them. I can’t wait!

  27. Salut Alex, ça va?

    Congratulations to you and Siobhan for this blog and your book!

    I started turning gray* at 17 years old. I am 34 now and my head is completely gray.

    I also have a twin brother, fraternal. He also turned gray at an early age.

    If anyone wants to know, I am using Bumble & Bumble Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner and it gives my hair a nice healthy silver shine, but not too intense. Though I have no idea if these products may eventually destroy my hair or not. Alex?

    *Gray DOES look better in Grey.

  28. ComaGirl says:

    I would very much like to go gray. I presume that my hair is about 50% gray or white right now, if not more. However, my spouse has asked me very nicely to refrain for another 9 years. He claims that I have a very young looking face and that the gray would age me terribly. When my children see the gray/white roots coming in, they will ask me when I’m getting those touched up. To me, it is their own fear of death speaking to them, but I’ll comply for now. Although, I will admit, I truly hate getting the touch ups and fear the chemicals that are being soaked into my brain. I honestly think that because of my coloring, I would look spendid with gray or white hair. Heavy sigh.

  29. Alexandra says:

    Martin! I highly recommend you check out some gentler natural lines for your lovely silver head. This week’s good post by Siobhan is conveniently all about men’s products: http://www.good.is/post/six-dangerous-products-men-use-daily-and-what-to-use-instead/

    Voila! xx

  30. Barbara says:

    Easy to say you like gray when you are in your 20’s! I was hoping my blonde hair would turn the white of my childhood, but no. It wants to be a mousey gray. So until it turns an acceptable shade of white or silver, I will definitely continue to color!

  31. Dani says:

    I noticed my first significant crop of grey hairs last year at the age of 23. It was at about this time that I had decided to stop coloring my hair after nearly 10 years of fighting my hair’s natural color and texture. (Ever seen the movie “Baby Mama”? There’s a scene wherein a pregnant Amy Poehler is dying her hair and as Tina Fey forces her to rinse out the chemicals she sobs, “You don’t understand! Your hair is brown! I was blonde when I was a kid!” I hear ya, sister.) My hair now has a pretty significant number of greys, but since my hair is already a golden brown they’ve blended in quite nicely. My mother has beautiful almost golden grey hair (she was a redhead in her day and the mix of silver and red is really beautiful) so I’m actually looking forward to going greyer.

  32. Maiko says:

    I’m 20 years old and I’ve been going gray since junior high. Honestly, I don’t think I’d ever dye it because I’ve seen what it does to peoples hair – dry, damaged, etc. I’d rather have soft, healthy hair than colorful hair. :)

  33. Van says:

    I am 24 with no gray hair. When I start to get them, I will not dye my hair. Nope :)

  34. Lindajoy says:

    There’s an interesting book called “Going Gray” – worth looking out for. I plan to go gray – but maybe I will change my mind!

  35. Catherine says:

    After years of colouring and damaging my hair, I decided to grow it out (I’m 53). Admittedly, I looked horrid for an entire year and a half (I kept my hair up during this time and would trim my own hair during this time – shoulder length). Now….phew! Freedom!! My hair used to be a charcoal/black colour with waves (natural). Now, I’m a salt and pepper and have kept it flatironed. I look and feel great about me and I’ve more time on my hands instead of sitting at the salon.

  36. Amanda says:

    I’m 31 and haven’t dyed my grays in 3 years; although they aren’t prominent they’re certainly noticeable. I’m currently debating whether to start dying them again because I have a young looking face and I feel the gray hairs just make people do a double take. (That is, “She looks 24 but what on earth is all that gray hair doing there?”) The gray hair texture is also different and a bit unruly/frizzy, even with all the styling creme I can get my hands on. Using a permanent dye might weigh them down a little and change the texture (but I speculate).

    I do think that gray/white/silver hair can be quite beautiful, assuming the frizziness is tamed. And when I started this process (of not dying my hair) my goal was to let my grays show and be natural because I thought it would look great, but I’m having my doubts. My fear with going permanent again is dealing with gray roots and spending a fortune at the salon.

  37. Mandy says:

    I’m fifteen, and I’ve had white hairs since I was two. I’m a natural redhead, so I supppose that’s normal, but I expect to go white pretty early. And honestly, that doesn’t bother me. My mother quit dying her hair at forty-two and I think her grey hair is lovely. I’m more than happy to go gray eventually.

  38. Kori Hendrix says:

    After colouring my hair for over 20 years I stopped cold turkey. I spent the past year growing it out and I am very happy that I did! Now I am rocking a sassy silver!

  39. Erica says:

    I am 29 and have been pondering aging gracefully. I stopped dying my hair when I was 23. The damage has finally grown out and my hair color is completely natural (mixed red/brown/blonde/black and gray,) long, thick and wavy. When I dyed my hair I had to use 3-4 boxes of dye to cover every strand!! That became expensive and like an annoying chore.

    I am glad to see so many women embracing the change! I don’t feel as much support in my hometown. The stylists at the salons I’ve been to are horrified by all my grays and think I am insane for not coloring it. Whatever!!! I think it’s going to be beautiful and i think it will look great with my blue eyes :)


  40. Kristen says:

    I’m 33 now; I started getting a few random white hairs around 25. When I hit 30, my temples sprouted a whole crop of them. I’ve stopped using chemical dyes, but I’m not ready to give up henna on my hair yet. (My hair is naturally about as dark as Alex’s; I’ve wanted to have dark red/auburn hair since at least college!) And I can honestly say I love the way my white hairs look with henna — like gorgeous red highlights.

    Maybe when I’m closer to 40 or 50, I’ll have enough whites that it’ll feel more natural to stop henna-ing. Or maybe my desire for red hair will continue to overrule, in which case I’ll stick with henna as long as I can get the good stuff. I don’t have to decide now!

  41. mangomadness says:

    Yup! I love the look of grey hair and hate the idea of dying my hair.

  42. Mrs W says:

    While the lady in the picture is a tough act to follow…. I am considering this. I am 37 and have dyed my hair every color of the rainbow. I am tired of it. I have very long very wavy hair which used to be very dark almost black, brown. It is now loaded with whte hair. I’m going to try to stop coloring and see what happens…

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