Honey, My New DIY Face Wash

I haven’t exactly hidden my love of honey—I pretty much mention its antibacterial wound-healing powers every chance I get. But, truth is, I only got turned onto its magic in earnest a few months ago…

See, back in May the lovely Simone invited me to join her at a natural beauty house party—yes, this is how we roll in Los Angeles—where guest speaker Dae Williams sat at the center of our cross-legged lady circle, expounded on the many benefits of natural ingredients, made us laugh, and made us blush. For real. Dae is what you’d call a character, and she takes her act on the road, peddling her lovely clean products and educating women about their bodies. A hippie after my own heart.

That’s where I first tried Dae’s honey face wash, which I immediately bought and fell in love with. Now that my bottle has run out though, I’ve been playing with my own version.

It sounds weird but you can essentially just wash with honey if you’re very sensitive and looking for a really gentle cleanse. Lately I’ve been adding a little baking soda to the mix for a subtle scrub—as in helps with circulation but doesn’t tear off your top layer of skin. This is what I do:

—One tablespoon raw organic honey

—Combine with one teaspoon baking soda in palm

—Rub together and then massage gently in circular motions on face

—Let sit for a minute (or don’t) then rinse thoroughly with warm or even cold water

If this is all sounding a little crunchy, consider this: Last week we were guests on Dr. Doris Day’s Sirius XM radio show, and even she—dermatologist to the stars (and Siobhan)—was going on about the benefits of using honey topically. It’s also popping up in some of our new favorite natural brands, but more on that another time…

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86 Responses to “Honey, My New DIY Face Wash”
  1. Samporidasicurette says:

    Does it get rid of acne? Is ther anything else I can use my face is bad and irritated and I’m annoyed that everything I read about isn’t working!!! :( plz help

  2. holly says:

    would it be ok to use baking powder instead of baking soda?

  3. carmen says:

    OMG! I think it’s true. I just tried it tonight. Thanks to my girlfriend Del.WOW! So fresh and so clean.

  4. Karen says:

    I used your honey/baking soda recipe last night. I left it on for about 5 minutes then used warm water to take it off. I got some on the roots of my hair but since I tied it all back, it came out with the water with absolutely no problem. It’s to be expected, you can’t be overly careful or you won’t enjoy the experience! Went to bed and woke up to soft skin. My dermatologist has me on CeraVe moisturizer and also a custom blend face wash as well. No more! I’m sold on this! I’m going out to get aloe vera and I’m also going to use the raw honey/milk moisturizer recipe. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Jessie says:

    I love coconut oil but as we approach summer I’m very hesitant to use it for fear of sunburn. We had a few warm days last month and my face and chest got a little red from my coconut oil. What else would you recommend?

  6. Ambi says:

    Can you please tell me how often should it be used? Thanks.

  7. ElisaJior says:

    I learned from a dermatologist that even if you have oily, blemish-prone skin you should start your routine with a gentle, non-soap face wash. I ordered online a up a bottle of Shielo’s Compexion Scrub (with Jojoba Microspheres!). As it turns out, I made a good choice because the Shielo Complexion Scrub has worked well for my oily skin.

    It has a delicate, fresh scent. I didn’t really get much lather during use, but it was enough to clear away all of my makeup without irritating my face or my eyes. The cleanser washed off easily and thoroughly, and my face didn’t feel sticky with residue or tight as if it had been stripped. With a freshly clean palette, my nightime treatment goes on smoothly and without irritation. This is a good choice for anyone whose skin needs a gentle–but thorough–cleanser.

  8. Becca brd says:

    Do u use it everyday?

  9. Edel says:

    I have tried this myself and it’s really great :) Would you recommend making up a bottle of honey with Bicarbonate soda or would it be better to make it as you need it? would be handy to have it made already, but not sure if the bicarb would dissolve or something :-/

  10. Daniela says:

    For honey, what do you mean raw honey?
    I’m guessing you don’t mean something like this right? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-e1_duR0W2Hs/T7BZHZ583eI/AAAAAAAE8R4/qNxSvqJK7vc/s1600/Leightons+Orange+Blossom+Honey,Haines+City+Florida.JPG
    (Leighton’s Orange Blossom Honey)

  11. Heide says:

    Honey + baking soda works amazingly! I also put a drop of tea tree oil into the mixture to keep my skin from getting too terribly dried up. I’m also going to attempt mixing in a few drops of grapeseed oil into the mixture to add extra moisture for the winter. :)

  12. jeimy says:

    I used raw agave nectar+ baking soda..this also does wonders..believe me :)..agave it has been used for centuries
    For skin benefits..my skin is clear & my complexion amazing.. in one week i got amazing results..i have acne prone skin + sensitive skin. Honey is great but agave has work wonders in my skin. If you have sensitive skin agave is milder on your face..try it you will love it…

  13. Sherry Lynn says:

    Oh my goodness. I am in HONEY HEAVEN right now. I have been looking for new more natural ways to care for my skin. Happened on this by accident. I already had the honey and the coconut oil so I tried it tonight. My skin feels as close to silk as you can get. It feels clean but not that squeaky clean that kind of worries you with it tightness. It was not messy since I applied it with just a little warm water on my face. I let it sit while I brushed my teeth and applied lotion on my legs like I do nightly. Once done I used a warm washcloth and rinsed it off. While I was patting it dry I could see and fill the difference right away. And it has been an hour and I still can’t believe how soft and silky it is.still. Thank you! Thank you!

  14. Kay See says:

    Is the honey face wash something I can make ahead of time and store in a bottle or does it have to be made freshly each time?

  15. Kay See says:

    Is this something I can make ahead of time and store in a bottle or does it have to be made freshly each time?

  16. lil chef says:

    This wash seems to work really well for blackheads. I do it once a week and love it. I do recommend opening the pores first by using a washcloth and hot water.

  17. caitlin says:

    can you mix a larger amount to store for future use? does it stay well?

  18. Alexandra says:

    @caitlin I always just did it on the spot… I’m not sure if the honey and baking soda would sit well for any extended period.

  19. megrcl says:

    I found this recipe through pinterest and have recently been diagnosed with rosecea. I have been having problems with my face being dry and itchy for the last week and thought I would give this a try. Thankfully, today I have noticed a huge difference in my face. It doesn’t itch nearly as much and it’s not as dry…it did help a bit. Hopefully it works for the long haul. Thanks

  20. sarah says:

    just out of curiosity, do you HAVE to use organic, raw honey? or would any honey do?

  21. Thankums. I’m definetly going to try this home remedy even though there’s nothing wrong with my face. It could always do for a cleansing.

  22. Mary says:

    Can I use honey as a daily face wash? or this is a once a week thing?

  23. Natalie says:

    Does this do a good job of removing make-up?

  24. Such an interesting idea and it sounds so refreshing and moisturizing!

  25. shannaygrififn says:

    do I have to use baking soda or can I use bicarbonate soda

  26. Rebecca Bailey says:

    @shannaygrififn, they are the same thing – I believe the term differs regionally. Baking soda = bicarbonate of soda. But NOT the same as baking powder.

  27. Amanda says:

    Simply an FYI, to ensure that this to work, you need
    to use raw, unpasteurized honey.

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