What the Boys Like

Well, looky here, MSN Lifestyle (via Real Beauty) is telling us 10 things that men think are sexy—and, despite myself, I’m kind of liking what they have to say. Ok fine, some of these are pretty dumb: Guys like legs! Guys like long lashes and can’t tell when you’re wearing fake ones!

But their top pick? Despite all of our efforts, the sample men just prefer a woman without makeup. According to these dudes, lip gloss is gross and women look best when they first wake up or right out of the shower.

There also appears to be a general confusion around how their girlfriends look with a lot of makeup on. As one guy says: “She still looks good, but she just doesn’t look as much like herself.”

Also in their top four favorites is your squishy tummy (that you probably hate) and—oh hello—when you ditch your hair dryer and flat iron, leaving your natural wave or curl. I guess it’s no wonder then that our guy friends were fawning over the hair challenge results. Oh, and they much prefer your natural color to a bad dye job too.

If you have some time to kill, you can read all ten “sexy moves” on Real Beauty. Any shockers here, or have you ladies heard this all before? Do any of you go out with a naked face?

To see more supermodels without makeup go here

9 Responses to “What the Boys Like”
  1. Flora says:

    If I looked like Shalom Harlow, I wouldn’t wear makeup either!

  2. Emily says:

    It helps that the photos are black and white so we can’t see any discolorations. But yeah.. they’re employed to be beautiful, and have naturally good skin. I wouldn’t wear makeup if I were so gifted, either.

  3. Brooksie says:

    I agree with my fellow comment-ers. These photos are of a select few young women with excellent genes and who are paid well for it. But we have also seen those photos in gossip magazines of stars without make up. I doubt men would call them natural beauties then. I think most men and women prefer clear even toned skin without sags, bags and wrinkles.

    That being said the older I am the more comfortablle I am without make-up. I do enjoy it though. The colours, the rituals, the glamour. It works to have a made up face when you are wearing a fancy dress. A little extra luminesence is fun too.

  4. Alexandra says:

    Ok, you got me ladies. I probably shouldn’t have used supermodels as the example here. :) Obviously these women don’t represent any kind of norm, not to mention that the lighting, and as one commenter pointed out, the black and white photos are extremely forgiving.

  5. Julene says:

    I wear as minimal makeup as possible – that still requires brow powder, at least a good primer & the best skin day out of the month. I think there’s a huge difference between what a guy wants to see upon waking up… and when he’s walking down the street.

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  7. Megan says:

    Honestly, I rarely ever wear make up and I think it’s been better for my skin in the long run. Even when I was younger and my face broke out constantly, I still felt like make up made it worse. My special-gentleman-friend tells me things like that all the time though; He prefers that I don’t wear make up, he likes my hair natural. I think this is great information for other women out there. Now don’t get me wrong, wearing mascara and a little bit of shadow is nice, sometimes. It definitely makes me feel a little more feminine.

    @Brooksie: I agree with what you say about the photos in gossip magazines with all the stars caught, no make up. But, I wonder does all the make up they wear on a regular basis cause their faces to look that tragic without it?

  8. Alden says:

    I’ve stopped wearing makeup in the last couple of months. Part of it is because my boyfriend things I’m beautiful without it. Sometimes I’ll put on mascara and eyeliner, but as I’ve changed my eating habits for the better, I’m noticing less and less breakouts. Spending 20 minutes staring at myself in the mirror has just fallen off my daily to-do list.

  9. Michelle says:

    I have gone make up free (well besides mascara) for the past 2 days now and it definitely feels very strange… After reading various books & articles on the animal products and chemicals used in a majority of cosmetic products I decided to go without. I am a vegatarian trying to be vegan so it seemed only natural that I care about what I put ON my body just as much as I care about what goes IN my body. It also helps that my husband tells me I’m more beautiful without all the foundation, bronzer, blush, eyeline, & eyeshadow. I still feel “less pretty” without it though :( I’m hoping I will just get used to it and realize that I am still beautiful!!

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