Why We Learned to Love Oils

This is an argan tree, native to Morocco and source of one of our favorite facial beauty routines. Oil on your face, you say!? Yeah, that’s how we felt too when we first started reading about the wonderful benefits of healthy plant oils—argan, olive, coconut and others—for our skin and hair.

Oil on our faces? We pictured breakouts and shine.

Of course, after years of fat fear, the nutrition world has finally come around to the importance of healthy oils in our food. Why would our skin be so different? Turns out it’s not. These oils lock in moisture, fight free radicals and impart a dewiness to skin that we never got from a bottle of cream. What’s more is that women around the world have been using them for centuries.

To hear more about why we love our oils so much take a look at this interview we did with our new favorite person Virginia Sole-Smith, over at Planet Green.

So, what do you say—would you dare to grease your mug?

28 Responses to “Why We Learned to Love Oils”
  1. Coconut and olive oil are some of my favorites for face and body. =)

  2. Siobhan says:

    I tend to repeat myself but I’m an argan girl. We write about other oils in the book, too, as well as the top secret super-counterintuitive art of double washing.

  3. I tried using argan oil for a month as part of a product review, but I didn’t really notice any difference as far as more or less blemishes. It was quite tough to get used to the feeling of heavy oil on my skin though :/

  4. Lindsay says:

    I use RMS beauty’s coconut oil to take off my makeup. Works great and never leaves my skin feeling tight. 95% of my blemishes died down as soon as I stopped using toxic products and started using healthy nourishing pure oils. I’ve been using Miessence’s Purifying range and it’s really working wonders for me. Siobhan, Alexandra, have either of you ever tried this Australian skin care?? Would love to know your thoughts on it if you have.

  5. lala says:

    I have acne and very oily skin but I am interested in this. any recommendations on an oil blend I could create for myself or purchase?

  6. Siobhan says:

    Well, I personally love argan, as regular readers of the blog will know already (I’m a broken record!). Some people have had luck with coconut oil as well, which is naturally antibacterial. It wasn’t super awesome for me, but my zits are the more hurty under the skin kind, and I know people with other kinds of blemishes who have had success. EITHER WAY make sure you tell us what you try. I know argan can be expensive, and it’s not for everyone, but I love it.

  7. Mandy says:

    My favorite oil for the face & body is jojoba oil. Beautifully moisturizing, light, and balancing. Mountain Rose Herbs has really good prices and tons of other products for making your own confections.

  8. Argan says:

    You should definitely try argan oil for acne problems. It’s also good for psoriasis and any other kind of skin disorder.

  9. Tanveer says:

    I love using a mixture of Sesame, Avocado,Grapeseed & Primrose oil on my face. It feels superb and has softened it to quite a degree :)

  10. I’d also recommend argan oil for acne. It’s just great!

  11. I’ve heard it’s good for psoriasis too!

  12. Nicole says:

    Hi Siobhan,

    Do you have any particular brand recos for argan oil? I have been looking for an all natural moisturizer forever and would love to try this, but there is a ton of brands out there it seems.


  13. Siobhan says:

    Sure thing. I use Kahina Giving Beauty argan oil. There are others our there, and other great ones to be sure, but this one is my personal favorite. I love her masks and eye cream too (I reviewed the latter on this very site, in fact). Enjoy and let us know which one you try!

  14. Ren says:

    I put a bit of olive oil on a cotton ball and remove my eye makeup with that. Many eye makeup removers are oil-based anyway. It makes eyeliner and eyeshadow come right off. Waterproof mascara, being harsher and more difficult to remove, takes a bit of rubbing in but will come off with olive oil and water. I have found it to be a great alternative to the harsh removers on the market which are unsuitable for the delicate skin around the eye area.

  15. Tanveer says:

    Hey! I order your book like 2 weeks ago & have already read it 2-3 times now, loving it :D

    I just had a query: after reading the book, I have begun to use coconut oil & almond oil on my face. I use coconut oil in the morning & almond at night. But after using these for 3-4 days I have begun to get tiny breakouts all over my face and neck too!

    I generally don’t use more than a drop on my face, so I know it is not being caused by excess oil. I have not had any breakouts since the last 2 years, & I was using mineral oil (Ponds Cold Cream – the cool classic) everyday at night & a mixture of sesame, avocado & primrose oil during the day earlier before switching.

    My friend thinks my skin is “purging”, like you also mentioned in the book, and that I should stick with the coco & almond oils. But I am getting a lil stressed out & am unsure what to do, what if it gets worse??

    Both the oils that I am using are organic & virgin (the coconut was extracted at home)

    What should I do? :(

  16. Siobhan says:

    Thanks for reading the book and the blog! It’s really a matter of what you can put up with as far as that’s concerned, and we’re not sure about the scientific validity of the purging theory. THAT SAID a loooot of women seem to have small breakouts when they first start with the coconut oil, and then it passes. I ended up with a really deep bad breakout (not just like, pimples—talking really deep) when I tried it, which may have been from the oil or it may have been from something else going on in my body at that time—no way to know. But I’ve steered clear since. if yours are surfacey pimples, not cysts, I’d say maybe give it another little while…. But like I said, it’s really case by case, and if you feel really uncomfortable with it, then stop!!

  17. Tanveer says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for addressing my query. Yup, my pimples are all surface ones. I stopped using the coconut oil since the last 2 days & now most of them are gone. I plan to keep using almond oil & slowly re-introduce coconut oil – by first using it once in 3 days & then going forward increasing the frequency till it gets comfortable :D

  18. Essential oils are great for skin care!

  19. Fonda LaShay says:

    How much oil are we talking? Just a few drops or tablespoons? Would you share what you have found is the best way to ‘wash’ with it – hands, cotton balls, wash clothes?

    I am excited to try!

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