La Bella Figura Mini-Reviews (And The Last Few Hours For A Deal!)

La Bella Figura has been in my top fave green beauty brands since I discovered their pure Barbary Fig Seed Oil a few years ago. I’ve continued to love their skin care (Aria!), and, more recently, their makeup.  A few months ago, they updated their logo to an amazing symbol of global beauty, and the new packaging is so chic and fresh.  Check out the mini-reviews below and… You can still get in on the Friday Deal (click for details), until midnight tonight (Monday, July 6th, CST). Elysian Fields Hair and Body Hydroessence: Much as I love all the new […]


Happy Friday Deal from La Bella Figura!

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the beauty of American independence and all the freedoms we’re afforded than to highlight one of our favorite American-made skincare lines. La Bella Figura embodies what it means to live the American dream. Founded by two female entrepreneurs in Chicago who wanted to change the beauty industry as they knew it, La Bella Figura has created a luxurious line that never compromises your health. We’re excited to bring you a special 4th of July Friday Deal, so let’s hear it for fireworks and fabulous Friday Deals! La Bella Figura is offering […]


Concealer… What Are We Trying To Hide Anyway?

I’m curious… do you use concealer to cover up dark circles under your eyes? I have participated in this little makeup ritual for years. It was literally one of the first things I learned how to do in middle school with my tube of Cover Girl Concealer. Packaged like lip gloss with a fuzzy-tipped wand, I can still remember the weird astringent smell it had. Every girl I knew had it in her stash. I learned most of my makeup application tricks in the middle school bathroom between classes, and a friend insisted we needed to use concealer to hide […]


Kayla’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

This routine is a mix of dreamy-smelling (hello May L and Lotus Wei) botanical goodness—the kind we just can’t get enough of. Lots of favorites here, and it all started with a dietary shift. We love that! Name: Kayla Age: 22 City: Philadelphia, PA Skin:  Usually pretty clear, recently I dealt with acne until I radically changed my diet and went clean with my skincare. I’ve also come to realize it’s a bit sensitive. Hair: Long, dark and wavy. On the dry side due to some hair dye experimentation I tried a year ago. Favorite Star From the Past: Audrey […]


Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Two Ways

You’ve seen it pop up in some of your favorite serums and treatments — and with good reason. Sea buckthorn oil is loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids. I burned through a small bottle of sea buckthorn oil this past winter, adding a few drops to other serums and oil blends. It’s a lovely orange and viscous oil with a musky smell, and it brightened my skin tone considerably. There are two distinct types of oils that come from sea buckthorn—the seed oil and the berry oil. This summer, I’m trying out sea buckthorn berry oil. Both the oils can […]


Karolina’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Oh Karolina. We soon for Laetitia, too. Karolina is new to green beauty, but you would hardly know it from her beauty stash. She’s clearly finding her way around just fine… and in style, too! Name:  Karolina Age:  31 City:  London Hair: brown with highlights, medium length, straight, quite dry Skin: dry, olive toned with some hyperpigmentation since I tan very easily Favorite star from the past:  Laetitia Casta—she is just so naturally beautiful, and her skin is so glowy and healthy looking. I have loved her since she first started modeling and I was a teen. I’ve always been a huge […]


Are You There, Gut? It’s Me, Depression

What does the gut have to do with depression, and how can you convince your gut to lead you in a positive direction? If those are questions on your mind today, you came to the right place. We’ve dealt with all sorts of issues related to wellness and beauty on NMDL, and what’s more beautiful than a healthy body, mind and spirit? And we know, they all go together. To be clear, I’m not claiming to be an expert on depression – I’m speaking from my own experience, in the hope that it will resonate with others and possibly help […]


Kyana’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Kyana has taken her routine into her own hands by replacing some key staples with her own DIYs. We love a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it! Enjoy this fun routine.  Name: Kyana Age: 38 City: New York, NY Skin: Combination and sensitive, with a bit of hyperpigmentation on cheeks from sporadic hormonal breakouts (yay). Reactive to changes in season/weather. Happiest when hydrated. Hair: Long, thick and dark, with varying textures of coils and curls. Favorite Star From The Past: Diana Ross circa 1970’s. Just fab. In the morning… I wish I were a morning […]


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