Happy Friday Deal From Lina Hanson!



Friends, this is a Friday Deal to remember. Lina Hanson has a reputation for her luxurious formulas with scents to match — gentle and uplifting, with a hint of seduction — the kind of scents that make you smile every time. The Global Body Serum got a glowing review from Siobhan, who kissed her coconut oil days goodbye for this supreme moisturizer, and Susannah agrees that it embodies all her favorite traits in an oil blend and was love-at-first-try.  Rebecca found a new staple in the Global Baby Serum (so not just for babies!). How the oils in the Global collection can sink in so swiftly yet hydrate so completely is beyond us, but we imagine it has everything to do with Lina’s deft hand at blending the perfect ratio of expertly chosen ingredients.

While we are pleased as Punch to bring you a Friday Deal from Lina Hanson, the real treat today is a sneak peek at Satori, Lina Hanson’s first perfume oil! Satori launches later this fall on the Lina Hanson site, but you’ll receive a sample of this gem when you place an order this weekend!

Satori is both sensual and bright and features warm vanilla and sandalwood with notes of crisp and refreshing citrus and ginger. Asian Yuzu lifts the blend and boosts self-confidence with a burst of citrus. Ginger energizes the mind and brings a hint of spice to the experience. Sandalwood (sustainably produced, of course) grounds the blend and gives it a soft, seductive finish. This blend is 100% gorgeous, and you can be one of the first to try it.

So here’s the deal… Lina Hanson is giving you 20% off your order, plus a sample of the soon-to-launch Satori perfume. This offer is available through Monday when you use the code SATORI at check out. Note: for international orders, please email info@linahanson.com .

Want to know more about Lina Hanson and her skincare line? This video will touch your heart.

The GRIND : Lina Hanson from Said Who? Productions on Vimeo.

What have you tried from Lina Hanson? Are you as excited about Satori as we are?

GRESSA Skin Foundation + Contouring Serum

You know when you decide that you just HAVE TO HAVE the perfect cheetah-print scarf so you start googling and online searching and Instagram-stalking people you know who have something kind of like the ideal picture you’ve created in your head? But after an embarrassing amount of time, you realize that the thing you’re visualizing is either going to cost you as much as your monthly grocery budget or doesn’t exist? (What? Don’t other people do this?) You come away dejected and annoyed, and you try not to think, “Just one more keyword search…” because you know you’re not going to find anything different than the 12,682 options that you’ve already viewed.

That’s how I felt about liquid foundation. I’d tried brand after brand, and nothing that was liquid + beeswax-free gave me the coverage, staying power and airiness that I desired (yes, I know that expecting a liquid foundation to not be heavy was a tall order). Then I met Svetlana Sanchez, founder of GRESSA Skin, at A Night For Green Beauty and my beauty world was changed.

GRESSA’s new Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation is unlike anything I’ve ever put on my skin. To be completely honest, I have no idea how it works. It comes out of the black, eyedropper bottle with the consistency of a very light serum—it’s kind of runny, and you have to be careful not to drip it all over the bathroom counter, lest your husband walks in and inquires, “Why is the sink all peach colored?” But as soon as you start gently patting and rubbing it into your skin, it transforms into an airy, powdery, full-coverage-but-barely-there skin enhancer.

Webster should replace whatever picture is next to “melt” in the dictionary with an image of this foundation because there is no other word to describe how it interacts with your skin.

You need only a few drops of the tinted serum (chock-full of skin healing ingredients like GRESSA’s Healing Complex, broccoli seed oil, lemon balm and neem) to cover your face, which is another magical mystery. It spreads and blends like a lightweight oil, but it packs a full-coverage punch that not even my pre-beeswax-allergy-love Kjaer Weis could match. It’s mind-boggling every time I apply it—even on days when my skin is upset and splotchy, and I have a large red blemish growing on my cheek, GRESSA’s foundation gives me a clean slate (I use the No. 5 color, for reference). I don’t even need as much spot concealing as I do with my other foundations.

The only con to this serum foundation is that it seems to stick to any flaky, dry spots I have on my skin. It doesn’t happen immediately, but by the end of the day, my dry spots appear a little darker than the rest of my skin, like they’ve sucked up extra pigment from the foundation (but, most foundations do quite poorly with flaky spots, so I’m not complaining).

Now, onto the Minimalist Contouring Serum Bronzer, the second of three face makeup products in the Minimalist line (the third is an Illuminating Serum that I haven’t tried yet). This is currently my favorite way to warm up my face. My body is still clinging to my summer tan, but I so religiously applied sunscreen to my face this summer that it’s accidentally two shades lighter than my arms and legs. This serum helps remedy that unbalance.


Left: Me, with foundation in No. 5 + bronzer on, no retouching or editing, in natural light by a window. Right: Swatches of bronzer and foundation in No. 5.

What I love about GRESSA’s serum is its color. So many bronzers are warm-toned, giving you that orange-y look if you apply even a little too much. GRESSA’s contouring bronzer is a red-based brown that more accurately mimics a real tan than any makeup I’ve ever used (save for in high school when I used to pressed powder for dark skintones as a bronzer because I wanted a cool-toned, matte look). The first time I used the serum, it was the night after A Night For Green Beauty and Suannah and I were sharing a hotel room. I applied it, blended it (which was as easy as blending the foundation) and asked her what she thought, nervous that the dark brown color was way too intense for my skin. “It just looks like you have a tan,” was her reply. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to hear those words?!

The contouring serum also actually makes contouring easy because it’s so blendable and the color is so spot on. A little dotted line blended down each cheek, on my brow bone, down the sides of my nose and near my hairline achieves that enviable, just-back-from-the-beach glow.

Now, application: You can apply both the foundation and contouring serum with your fingers or your can buff them into your skin with GRESSA’s Immaculate Buffing Brush (I like my Sigma Kabuki Brush to smooth out the contouring I’ve done). I’ve experienced great, all-day staying power for both products, though I know that Susannah, who has more combination/oilier skin than me, noticed it doesn’t stay around as long.

I realize this is yet another glowing review of a clean beauty product, but I’m at the point where I’m only going to write about things I want everyone I’ve ever met to try (and my husband and sister are quite sick of hearing me talk about the amazingness that is this foundation + bronzer duo).

Plus, it already captured the attention of a few Refinery29 editors, so I’d say it’s worth shouting about from the rooftops. With that in mind, will you try out this new skin-enhancing makeup from GRESSA?


We love how this mom-to-be is caring for herself with a mix of gorgeous clean products and lovely ingredients you can pull straight out of the kitchen cupboard. Anna’s routine is an inspiration for its simplicity, and her thoughtful preparations have us feeling vicarious anticipation for her little one to arrive. So sweet!

Name: Anna

Age: 24

City: Lynchburg, VA

Current Weather: Late summer humidity still hanging in the air.

Skin: Fair and dry.

Hair:  Growing out chemically dyed blonde

Favorite Star From the Past: Not from the past but I love Drew Barrymore’s spirit.

I am well into my third trimester expecting a little girl! Although my routine has been relatively clean prior to the pregnancy this transitional time has challenged my internal and external beauty routines even further. My hope is that my daughter will love herself for who she is inside and out and that starts with my example!

During this pregnancy I’ve tried to simplify my beauty routine and view it from the inside out. I kick start my day with oil pulling and dry brushing. While I’m still oil pulling I pour myself a huge glass of warm lemon water and start fixing breakfast. Our diet is focused on seasonal whole foods that are organically and locally grown. We subscribe to a CSA share that delivers right to our apartment door on a weekly basis and on Saturdays my husband and I walk to the farmers market together to fill in the gaps from our CSA share. I feel beautiful and energized when I am eating right and staying hydrated. My biggest beauty splurge has been a water filter for our city water. (We went with a Berkey.) I try to drink at least a gallon a day starting with warm lemon water. If I start my day this way my whole day feels more organized and purposed. It already seems like a lot but all of this takes 10-15 min tops!

I moisturize my face and growing belly in the morning with whatever oil strikes my fancy (macadamia nut oil is my favorite!) If I am feeling really indulgent I will use Lotus Wei Infinite Love Serum on my face and body. What ever oil I have left over on my hands is then distributed to the ends of my hair. My perfume is also Infinite Love by Lotus Wei. I don’t normally use a deodorant but if I am going to be in an extra sweaty situation Soapwalla does the trick! My makeup routine is my favorite clean beauty switch because it is so simple and I still feel like myself after! Three products and two min. and I am done! I use RMS un-coverup in 11 under my eyes and around my nose for redness (I am still in the same pot after about a year and still have more to use! My color is closer to 00 but RMS didn’t carry that shade when I purchased. Even though 11 is a little dark for me it blends really well and it is not a noticeable difference when it is all blended. Can’t wait to repurchase though!) I follow with RMS living luminizer down the center of my face and RMS lipshine in Bloom on my lips and cheeks. I don’t normally use mascara but when I do I like the RMS lengthening mascara.

During the day I carry around Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pastilles and have some stocked away in the diaper bag already! If I had some extra dough I would repurchase Lotus Wei’s Joy Juice Elixir — it is an AWESOME pick me up!

My night routine is much simpler — I only wash my hair once a week with either clay/ACV or egg whites so in the evening I will just hop in the shower or bath with a shower cap and use Dr. Bronners to wash off the day. (My husband likes the Peppermint and I like the Rose and we have the unscented for baby.) I brush in the evening with Toms of Maine Fluoride Free toothpaste but I am not fully satisfied with their ingredient list. Any suggestions for a cleaner toothpaste? I moisturize with a heavy organic shea butter for my face and body (remember I said I have dry skin!) and head towards bed where I mist with Lotus Wei Quiet Mind (which is my husbands favorite scent!).

​Growing out my chemically blonde hair has been a bummer but I have been tinting the length of my hair with black walnut powder from Mountain Rose Herbs to help darken the light blonde with success! I really wanted to avoid any red tones as I have a very light ash brown naturally and the Black Walnut tint has been wonderful.  This is a once a month treatment as the tint fades over time.

I am also planning on incorporating many of the items from my everyday routine into my (prayerfully) natural hospital birth. These items include: coconut oil (for massage, stretching, and for baby), camomile tea with Bach’s Rescue Remedy drops, and Lotus Wei Quiet mind spray.

Thanks for reading and for the great community here at NMDL! I am always learning and inspired by each one of you.

Thank you for sharing Anna! Wishing you and your new bundle health and happiness!



Water Based Moisturizers

IMG_0518I’m the president of the fan club of face oils.  Since they are best applied on moist skin, my obsession for them matches well with my obsession for hydrosols.  But last winter I started needing some additional help with my dry skin, especially right around my lips.  Just like your lipstick rubs off in the course of the day, any product you’ve applied around the lip area can wear thin.  A sip of kombucha here, a mid-morning snack there, and even before lunch I’m unpleasantly dry.

I went searching for something I could dab on those especially dry spots throughout the day as needed, something quick and easy to apply that would sink right in.

These moisturizers all have a water and/or aloe base blended with very light oils, antioxidants, vitamins, various botanicals, etc.  They sink in fairly quickly, and work well applied alone, layered with an oil, or my favorite – mixed with a drop or two of oil first, then applied.  The method will all depend on your skin type and the season, of course.  Adjust as needed.

Blissoma Pure:  This “sensitive skin soothing complex” is my favorite.  It seems so quiet and unassuming with it’s simple name and unscented nature.  But the performance is impressive.  It’s got the perfect thick-but-not-too-thick texture, and is the best product I’ve tried for calming after hair removal.  Just a simple tweeze of the eyebrows can set my skin to complaining, never mind that darn upper lip area, and applying Pure lets me go on about my business without inflammation.  It mixes well with any oil for extra hydration, and won’t compete with other scents.  On its own, or mixed with an oil or balm, it is the best for moisturizing my extra dry spots.  I like the simple packaging – a glass bottle with a nice pump that lets you easily use just a bit if you don’t need a full pump.  ($25.99/oz)

Graydon:   This Canadian brand makes two of my honorable mention moisturizers.  The Putty is light in texture and lightly scented.  For this texture, it is remarkably moisturizing and reparative.  I recommend it if you want a light texture with a powerful anti-inflammatory punch, and enjoy just a suggestion of scent – from carrot seed, chamomile, and lavender EOs.  The Berry Rich Cream is more substantial in texture, but still doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin.  With no intentionally added scent, it gives one just a hint of berry from the blueberry and red raspberry seed oils. (each $29/1.7oz or 50ml)

Osmia Purely Simple Face Cream:  I’m not one for herbal generally, but this is nice – light and refreshing.  The texture is too light for my mature skin, but would be a great choice for normal to oily types, or those with issues of perioral dermatitis. ($60/1.7oz)

Have you tried these?  What’s your favorite water-based moisturizer?


Makeup Monday: How Does Fall Change Your Look?



Chunky sweaters and never-ending scarves are right around the corner. As wardrobes shift from summer to fall, I find myself reaching for deeper shades of lipstick, sultrier eye shadow colors, and mascara — something I often ditch in the summer. Though I can’t wait to revisit some of my favorite colors from last fall/winter, like RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Diabolique, I am equally excited about the barely there makeup looks that have been trending.

Do you reach for different makeup in the fall? What fall makeup looks are you excited about?

You can share with us in the comments, and we’d also love to feature your makeup bag in our Makeup Monday series. Just tell us what’s in your makeup bag and send a snapshot of your bag to nomoredirtylooks@gmail.com — here’s a fun throwback from the series.