Nancy’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

No surprise, beauty bloggers have a lot to say about products. This routine comes to us from a reader/blogger who has been transitioning to clean products over the last few years. She has some great finds in her beauty stash!  Name: Nancy Location: Brooklyn Current Weather: Warm to hot–some days are perfect; some are muggy Skin: Light combination skin Hair: shoulder-length, straight and dark brown Fave star of the past: Lucille Ball, who was a stunner in addition to be hilarious. It’s been a couple of years since I started greening my products and about a year and a half […]


How to Drink a Watermelon (and Why You Should)

  Summer is almost over, and I might be panicking just a tiny bit about that. To keep summer going strong, I’ve latched on to that summertime classic—watermelon. Here’s the thing about watermelon, though—I’m the only person who eats it at home, so I’m normally only half way through a melon before it starts to go all mushy and sour. A few weeks ago I decided if I can’t eat, I can drink it, and my new juice obsession was born. Now I’m buying watermelon expressly for the juice, and I’m sharing it with anyone who will have a glass. […]


What To Do When Fine Lines Mess With Your Perfect Pout?

  Most of us have a little something that can make us feel more self-conscious about our appearance. A reader named Molly wrote to us about her trouble spot and wants to know whether you have any experience in this area. Here’s what she says… “I am 40 years old and am overall pretty happy with the condition of my skin—I have an oil I love, an eye cream I love, a toner I love and a cleanser I love—and working together they have helped to even out my skin tone and keep most of my wrinkles minimal. HOWEVER—the skin […]


Courtney’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

We love the healthy self-care moments in this routine, and you know we’re all about a mix of DIY and luxurious skincare treats. Enjoy! Name: Courtney Age: 32 City: Shelton, CT Current weather: Hot and usually pretty humid Skin: oily and sensitive with blackheads on my nose Hair: medium brown and wavy. Right now it’s down to my jaw after growing out a pixie cut. Favorite Star From the Past: Audrey Hepburn In the morning, I usually wake up with my 2 year old. He loves to nurse when he wakes up, and I find it eases the both of […]


Meet The Man Who Wants To Take Naturals Mainstream

A few months ago I attended an opening on San Francisco’s shop-lined Fillmore Street—one of the city’s most coveted retail stretches. The store was Credo, a new natural beauty shop. The 1,400-square-foot-space was packed. The wine was very nice. The crowd was abuzz, and decidedly blingy. I overheard a lot of French. In short, this was not your typical natch scene. I had brought a friend (one has to at such things), and proceeded to drag her around the shop, gripping my Sauvignon Blanc, barely catching my breath as I told her about all the products onsite. Credo has everything. From […]


Holy Basil! The Stress Busting Power of Tulsi Tea

Have you ever looked up from your life and wondered at your own resilience? Do you associate certain self-care habits with your ability to thrive in this modern life? This past year was one of the most personally challenging I’ve yet experienced. Looking back, I’m astonished that the stress of it just sort of bounced right off of me, and I credit some of my seemingly innocuous daily habits with playing a big role in my resistance to stress and its nasty affects. I’ve been drinking tea made from the tulsi herb for the last year, and I believe this […]


Happy Friday Deal from BeauTeaBar!

Have you seen it? BeauTeaBar has revamped their website and oh la la it is gorgeous and so inviting. Mmmmm, pretty skincare treats. As per usual with BeauTeaBar, you’ll find a beautiful selection of clean brands and healthy teas—look for some hard to find favorites like AILA Cosmetics, Province Apothecary, Rare Elements and more. Here’s the deal… BeauTeaBar is giving you 10% off all orders over $50 when you use the code NMDL10 and 20% off all orders over $200 when you use the code NMDL20. Offer expires Sunday night at 10pm EST. *Valid only on in-stock items. Not valid […]


Jennifer’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

We think the way Jennifer starts her day says everything. Who doesn’t want a little of this routine in their life? Name: Jennifer Age: 21 City: Pittsburgh Weather: Sunny and warm today Skin: Fair with pink undertones Hair: Thick and wavy; the sun changes my hair from auburn in the winter to deep honey in the summer Favorite star from the past: Andrée Heuschling, the model for Pierre-Auguste Renoir It has taken me 5 years to finally settle on my favorite lineup of products. I like a very simple routine with versatile products that I can apply with my fingers. […]


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