Happy Friday Deal from Skincando!

Do you remember when Siobhan introduced us to Skincando back in the early days? Skincando is back with a special spring Friday Deal. It’s a crazy good offer… Skincando is offering 25% off and free US shipping through April 1st. No code necessary, just shop and go! If you’re not familiar with Skincando, their balm is a daily staple for Alexandra. Here’s what she says: I’m on my third jar and I use it diligently every single day. I am a balm fanatic, as some of you know: There was a time when I would have squandered all my savings on Tammy Fender’s […]


Help! A Reader Needs Baby-Friendly Products!

About a year ago we pitched you a reader question from Sarah, who was struggling with pregnancy breakouts. Of course you came to the rescue with great feedback, so much so that Sarah is back — happy baby in tow — and looking for suggestions for clean, kid-friendly sunscreen and insect repellent. Here’s what she says… “You all were so helpful about a year ago when I got pregnant and started in with the pregnancy breakouts, and here we are a year later with a happy healthy baby and I’m wondering if you might take a baby product question? Through […]


Send Us Your Morning Routine!

One of our favorite NMDL traditions is the weekly Morning Routines Exposed feature. We love hearing about how you care for yourself, what your favorite DIYs and holy grail products are, and how you go about your morning in preparation for the day ahead. Your personal rituals inspire us and — judging by the comments readers leave on those posts — they get you excited about the clean beauty lifestyle, too! If you’ve enjoyed the Morning Routines Exposed series but have yet to contribute your own, we want to hear from you!  Tell us how you roll out of bed and what your […]


5 Easy Beauty Travel Tips

Other than the year that my now husband lived in Boston and I was stuck in Minnesota, I wouldn’t consider myself a frequent flier. I love to travel, but other things (like paying off school loans —anyone else in that boat still?) have been priorities save for maybe a once a year, middle-of-winter getaway. But this year, I’ve happened to leave on a jet plane more frequently for work and I’m currently planning a two-week European vacation that takes off in late May. Airline fees and obvious liquid restrictions have made me get savvier about my cosmetics, and the more […]


Getting Cheeky with Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tints

When it comes to makeup, I’m more likely to go for the multi-tasker than the one hit wonder. Even if it isn’t already formulated for multipurpose use, you can bet I’ll try it in as many ways as I can think of. I get mileage out of my products. I was delighted when I heard that Tata Harper launched a two-in-one pot of color for lips and cheeks, and eager to see how it would wear and perform. This is a whole new game for Tata Harper, who reigns in the skincare department and makes next-level aromatherapy, too. As is […]


Happy Friday Deal From CV Skinlabs!

Happy first day of spring! Just in time for the seasonal shift, we have a super Friday Deal from CV Skinlabs. We’ll be stocking up on a few of our favorites like the Rescue + Relief Spray (a MUST have for summer) and the Body Repair Lotion (lightweight and ultra moisturizing). We know many of you already know and love CV Skinlabs, so enjoy this great offer! CV Skinlabs is giving NMDL readers 20% off your entire purchase when you spend a minimum of $50. Just use the code spring (lowercase letters!) to receive the discount. The offer is good through March 27th. […]


3 Beeswax-Free Lip Colors for Spring

Even in Minnesota, spring feels like it has sprung. And with the annual New York and Paris Fashion Weeks drawing to a close, we’re hearing lots about what colors, patterns and styles are hot for the season. Although I could do without the face embellishments some runways boasted, I’m always intrigued by the lip colors that emerge. My love for color on my kisser is occasionally infuriating since some of the most on-trend brands contain beeswax (my skin’s mortal enemy), but thankfully my makeup bag is already stocked with a few must-have colors. Barely there makeup, bright pops of color […]


Clare’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

For a woman who is new to green beauty, this reader has an incredible knowledge of clean brands and DIY. We are dying to dig into some of her DIYs, and oh la la those Australian brands we’ve never heard of… Name: Clare Age: 23 City: Perth, Western Australia Weather: Hot and sunny with bright blue skies almost everyday! Hair: A wavy bob with a fringe. It’s naturally ash (so ash it’s grey) but I’ve been dying it light red for the last couple of years. Skin: Frustrating. Pale, combination and breakout-prone (hormonal-driven). Favorite star from the past: Anna Karina, what a woman! One of the […]


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