This one is for the moms, the mom-lovers, and the practical minded multitasking ladies.  We’re sharing the founder of Zoe Organics makeup bag today. This natural skincare line is gentle enough for moms and babies, and you can tell from Heather’s mom/makeup bag that she’s a pro at caring for herself and all the little hands, feet, and faces who call her Mom. Zoe Organics will be at A Night For Green Beauty on August 7th.

Name: Heather Hamilton

Age: 35

Where I live: North Bay Area, California

My relationship with makeup: Minimalist. Most days, my goal is a clean, fresh face. My makeup essentials are those I can keep in my day bag and apply on the run. As mom of 3; ages 8, 6 and 3 years, I am lucky to shower and get out the door on time – so my routine has to be low maintenance. My essentials are those that pack the most punch and help me to look refreshed, whether I’m feelin’ it or not.

My (mom) bag contains my make-up + personal care essentials, a few natural remedies and some on-the-go essentials for my family. Here’s what’s in my mom bag:


W3LL PEOPLE Luminist Mineral Glow – I’m newly addicted to this product. The name says it all. I apply to my cheeks, eyes, shoulders and décolleté and…glow!

W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara – I love the coverage, color and how it goes on. I’m also a sucker for the pretty white tube.

VAPOUR BEAUTY Siren Lipstick in Saucy or Ravish – lip color is one of the products that I feel can transform my look from drab, tired mom to alive and with it! I love the shape and size of these sticks and how they feel on my lips. Often I will layer over Zoe Organics Everything Balm for more sheer color.


SOAPWALLA Deo Cream – fortunately, I’m blessed with my mom’s non-stinky body chemistry. I rarely wear deo, but I like to keep this little sample size with me in case of emergency.

ZOE ORGANICS Everything Balm – the name says it all. This multi-purpose stick gets passed around my family for chapped lips and cheeks, scrapes, rashes, burns, bug bites, cuticles, patches of dry, itchy skin…you name it.

BABO Clear Zinc Sport Stick – I apply face moisturizer with SPF every morning, but there are times when we unexpectedly need some quick coverage. This sport stick is wonderful for lips and faces, ears, necks, and other small areas. It is the clearest zinc formula I have found in a sport stick, so it doesn’t leave you with a white mask.

ZOE ORGANICS Insect Repellent – two of my kids are mosquito magnets and during the summer months, I keep this trial size bottle of Zoe Organics Insect Repellent with me. It smells lovely and works like a charm.


ONE LOVE ORGANICS Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder – this is another mom-on-the-run life saver. I don’t have time every day to wash and style my hair, nor do I feel like I need to. This product is great for the in-between days. I am new to dry shampoo, but so far, so good. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use and it works! My favorite thing about this product: the fresh gardenia scent!

FIT CHIC HEADBANDS – my cousin gave me a few of these headbands and they are super comfy, come in fun prints and add some extra color to the ponytail days.


ZOE ORGANICS Refresh Oil – this little miracle in a bottle is a product I never leave home without. It’s a perfect pick-me-up when I’m tired or need help focusing and it comes in handy as a motion sickness, morning sickness or nausea remedy.

ZOE ORGANICS Mama’s Ritual Aromatherapy Oil – I developed this product for myself and other busy moms who need a quick remedy for grounding, relaxing and feeling less anxious. This pretty little bottle of aromatherapy makes for a delightful little ritual that can happen wherever you are.

Other on-the-go essentials…

CLEANWELL All Natural Hand Sanitizer – I’m a bit of a germaphobe. I can obsess about hand washing and rant about not touching everything in public places. I prefer this spray cleanser over foam or gel and like the functional, compact container.

BKR water bottle – Drinking a lot of water is something I have to work at – but I know how important it is, so I do it. Having a pretty bottle in one of my favorite colors makes it easier…and if I ‘m not drinking it, there is always a little one who’s thirsty.

**Carryall by FRESHLY PICKED and gold dot cosmetic bag available FALL/WINTER at

Have you tried Zoe Organics? Rebecca loves their Cream!


Happy Friday Deal From Citrine Natural Beauty!

Look at that gorgeous store. Imagine walking into a brick and mortar shop to find all your favorite natural skincare and makeup lines. Imagine! (Ok some of you lucky birds don’t have to imagine, but until the rest of the country catches up, we can dream…) This is a snapshot of Citrine Natural Beauty Bar in Phoenix, Arizona. While some of you readers are probably lucky enough to have this real-life shop at your disposal, the founder of Citrine wants the rest of you to know you can shop at their online store, and she’s offering you a sweet Friday Deal as a little get-to-know-Citrine perk.

So here’s the deal: Citrine is offering 15% off your purchase through August 1st! Just use the code NMDL at checkout.

We’ve been getting to know a little bit about Citrine Natural Beauty, and we thought it would be great to have the founder, Melissa, tell you in her own words what her business stands for and why she loves green beauty:

Citrine Natural Beauty Bar is the premier destination for natural and organic products, it is home to the most luxe brands in the industry; such as Tata Harper, May Lindstrom, Kjaer Weis, RMS, jane iredale, and many more. Citrine Natural Beauty Bar is where natural and glamour collide in the ultimate supernova of green beauty shopping experiences.

There you have it—a fab Friday Deal with a fun new green beauty retailer. Let us know what catches your eye in the shop!


Is Dirty Going Mainstream?


Here’s a funny fact: The original title for No More Dirty Looks was actually Dirty Girls Come Clean. Can I just take a moment to give thanks that a legal conflict prevented us from writing a book that sounded like a porn flick? Bullet. Dodged.

But, just for fun, if we were to reimagine that porny title now with 20-20-hindsight, it would probably sound more like this: Clean Girls Get Dirty.

That’s because, promise as we did to each other that we would not devolve into dirty hippies as we rid our cosmetics’ bags of nasty chemicals, we did in fact end up embracing some slightly controversial cleansing (or more accurately, non-cleansing) habits.

Well, controversial no more! These days no matter where I turn, I see the mainstream media embracing dirtier beauty habits. Not shampooing has become an especially popular experiment among the beauty editor set, and when I recently wrote a post about not washing my face for MindBodyGreen, I was shocked by the response. It would appear that the people just might want to get dirty.

And speaking of MBG (are any of you as addicted as I am to this site?), I recently attended their groundbreaking revitalize event (think TED talks for the health and wellness crowd), and was pleased to learn that there’s increasing scientific muscle behind this less-washing-is-more movement.

Author Dr Robynne Chutkan, author of Gutbliss and one of my biggest brain crushes of the weekend, started her lecture by telling the 100-person audience (and millions online) that she had not showered for several days.

It turns out that exposing ourselves to a little dirt is not just good for our complexions and hair—because we’re no longer stripping those nourishing oils—but also for our guts. And of course what’s good for our guts, is also in turn great for our complexions and hair. You’ll have to read Chutkan’s book—I just ordered it—to better understand the science on this, but the woman is definitely a  genius. (And it doesn’t hurt her argument that she’s stunning too.)

For my part, years after our first experiments, I have held on dearly to some of my dirtier habits. These include skipping daily showers in favor of every second or third day (unless I’m in summer heat, in which case I’ll jump in there several times a day), almost never washing my face (making an exception only for a product that’s made from actual “dirt”) and washing my hair about 3 or 4 times a year. So far, no serious complaints from friends, family, or colleagues.

How about you? What dirty habits are in your clean routine?



 Who is joining us at A Night For Green Beauty in L.A. on August 7th? We hope to meet so many of you, and we want you to know all about the 23 brands participating in this event. Here are 5 picks from some of my favorite ANFGB brands. Whether your face, body, or mind needs a boost—these babies have you covered.

H. Gillerman Organics Stress Remedy — If you have never experienced an aromatherapy blend from this line, Stress Remedy is the place to start. Who doesn’t need a little stress relief? The scent gets its kick from lavender, vetiver, red mandarin, tangerine, sandalwood, blood orange, and clary sage. It’s pure essential oil—no carrier oil—so a little dab will do. The Stress Remedy functions as a reset button for me. I don’t know if essential oils can technically have an adaptogenic affect, but this blend behaves in that way, giving me just what I need when I need it—be it a little lift or a big chill. I read about it first from Alexandra, who was totally right about this affecting not only your energy, but the energy of those around you in the most good-witch way. My friends ask if I’m carrying it in my bag so they can snatch a swipe, and it makes perfect strangers on the train smile and talk about fresh gardens. All that and it brings me actual physical and mental peace.


MUN No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum — This is the kind of minimalism in natural skincare that I crave—a short and exquisite ingredient list composed of the highest quality organic oils available. No.1 Aknari is so simple, yet it makes such a difference in just a few days. The scent is both unusual and familiar, a spicy rose that lingers and warms on the skin. The Bulgarian rose oil lends its heady aroma while rejuvenating and brightening your skin tone. Coupled with prickly pear seed and argan oils, these nutrient dense oils calm inflammation, repair skin discoloration, and help inhibit those fine lines from taking shape. No.1 Aknari is the perfect viscosity—not too heavy, not too dry—and leaves a silky matte finish. It makes a gorgeous base for makeup and adds a nourishing touch to your evening routine. You will love the way your skin looks in the morning—brightened, calm, and plumped. There’s a reason No.1 Aknari has a cult following. Bye bye fine lines. Hello perfectly balanced skin.


Indie Lee Clearing Mask — What if I told you there’s an all-natural mask that’s a dead ringer for the Noxzema cleanser of your youth? I mean that in the most endearing way, because who didn’t have fun with all those classic products until we discovered how dirty they actually are? Indie Lee’s Clearing Mask is a thickly whipped, white cream with a camphorous scent that smells oh so clean and antiseptic. During application, it gives you that same hopeful surge of teenage excitement that screams this feels like it’s working so it must be working! Except in this case, the Clearing Mask actually does its job, making this the real deal no matter how nostalgic I feel about that dirty doppelgänger. Clogged pores are no match for ingredients like bentonite, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. Chamomile extract, seaweed extracts, and hyaluronic acid protect and hydrate, so not only do my pores feel clean and refined, my skin also feels plumped after removal. Bonus—you can leave this mask on for ages and your face won’t crack. Application and removal are a dream.


Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Chai — If you were to inspect my makeup collection, you’d quickly discover I have a thing for Alima Pure eyeshadow. They have the best color selection around. The eyeshadows can be soft or super pigmented, they come in three different finishes, and they are refreshingly affordable items to splurge on. This summer I’ve found my all-time favorite color to date—Chai Luminous Shimmer. This is a rose gold that I suspect would work well on just about anyone. Other gold tones, like yellow or peachy varieties, make me feel more “made up”, whereas this rose gold highlights the eyes in a softer way. It’s fresh paired with bare, curled eyelashes and a pale peach lip-gloss for a light summer look. True to its name, Chai does shimmer, but not in that sparkle-wars way. It can be subdued or played up, depending on your mood. I’ll be rocking this at A Night For Green Beauty and well into the fall season.


Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Oil — Trust me when I say this is heaven in a bottle. It shares the same fruity and sweet scent as the Vitamin B Cleansing Oil, a scent that truly deserves the chance to shine in a less fleeting manner. The Vitamin C Body Oil is pure happiness and sunshine and I crave it. This is another unique, winning product from OLO. In fact, I’ve never tried anything like it! The consistency is quite thick, almost milky, and intensely moisturizing. Don’t be afraid to use this during the summer, though. It spreads and absorbs easily, especially when applied to wet or damp skin fresh out of the shower (I highly recommend this method as you barely need any product to get good coverage). What makes this body oil truly stand out is the active combination of vitamin C ester and papaya enzymes, which gently exfoliate to reveal smooth, even-toned skin. Genius! So much care goes into formulating products for our face, but our bodies need attention, too! Consistent use gives great results, so check this out if your skin is feeling dull and needs brightening.

Spill it! Have you tried these all-star products? What do you love?


One Love Organics is hands-down one of the best natural beauty lines out there. They manage to produce hit after hit in terms of products that give excellent results and are gorgeous to use. Plus, they are a great value! The founder, Suzanne, is a master formulator. She not only does the simple things well (have you tried the new dry shampoo?!), she creates sophisticated, problem solving skin treats that smell heavenly. One Love Organics returns to A Night For Green Beauty, so come out and meet Suzanne in L.A. on August 7th!

Name: Suzanne LeRoux

Age: 40

City: St. Simons Island, Georgia

Current Weather: Sunny, Humid

Skin: Combination, sensitive, light complexion

Hair: Straight, shoulder length, low maintenance

Favorite Star From the Past: Lauren Hutton — She is a risk-taking southern-bred natural beauty.

First Thing…

I wake up and drink a large glass of water and take my supplements. I take Thyroid Support from Gaia Herbs and Magnesium Glycinate from Metabolic Maintenance. After the birth of my children, I began to experience dry skin, fatigue, hair loss (including my eyebrows) and difficulty sleeping that was eventually attributed to a sluggish thyroid. Taking supplements has helped tremendously and I can really feel it if I miss a day. I take magnesium coupled with Hope Gillerman’s Clear Mind or True Relaxation remedies to help me stay calm yet focused throughout the day because as an entrepreneur, you never know what the day will bring.

In the Shower…

I take a really quick shower in the morning. Once I am up, I am ready to get to our manufacturing facility and begin my day. I love my job and while I enjoy performing my beauty ritual at night, my a.m. routine is as brief as possible. I wash my face and body using Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser and my pink konjac sponge.

I wash my hair only a few times per week and cutting down on washing and drying has made my hair significantly healthier. For this reason, I absolutely love hair powder and consider it a staple in my routine. I pour a little Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder into my hands and rub it in my scalp. After a few minutes, I brush the powder through and then texturize with a few sprays of Yarok Feed Your Hold Hairspray.

While my skin is damp, I spray on one of our aromatic body serums (right now I am cherishing Gardenia) for moisture and I spray on a deodorant that I make for myself. I love products that spray in the a.m. because they are fast and convenient.


I apply a few drops of Morning Glory Complexion Brightening Booster to wake up my skin and then dot W3LL People Narcissist #2 Stick Foundation wherever I need a bit of cover. I brush over just a bit of W3ll People 51 Luminous Mineral Bronzer for a bit of color and glow. I use Tarte’s eye brow pencil in taupe to help fill in my eyebrows that never fully recovered from my thyroid imbalance. For lip color, I love Corsica lip pencil and Taj Mahal shimmery gold lipstick from Primitive Makeup. I will spray our Vitamin D Time Release Moisture Mist to set my makeup and dot Skin Savior Balm around my eyes and on any rough patches to insure that my skin looks dewy and soft for the day.

From beginning to end, my makeup routine takes less than 5 minutes. I end my morning routine with a couple of drops of Lurk Perfume — I love all of the scents but right now I am using PRJ VI — the fresh petitgrain aroma fits summer perfectly!